1,5 Hour Evangelization On The Alternative Media Channel Blckbx, More Than 41000 Hits Already!!

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The end times and the gospel

Great news that a report on the alternative internet media channel Blckbx was launched last Thursday. In which 1.5 hours are told on secular media about the Lord Jesus. Thousands of non-believers who have already seen this report.

Media company Blckbx is a channel that has been working hard since the corona as an internet news channel with a different sound.

Raised in the Full Gospel Church

Blckbx Program maker Flavio Pasquino, once growing up in a full evangelical congregation, was recently triggered by the Christian monthly magazine Zoeklicht, in which blckbx was mentioned in an article from December 2021. By coincidence, the article came into his hands a short time ago. It contained the following: 

“Not only the secular media such as the news and newspapers are blind to the spiritual reality. A media company like blckblx also lacks the spiritual antenna. On the intellectual level, I often agree with them, but unfortunately they have no knowledge of demonic forces preparing for the final battle…the end times.”

Pasquino took this as an invitation to a conversation, which he had wanted to have for a long time. Now is the perfect opportunity to discuss the end times and what the Bible has to say about the good news.

In this broadcast Pasquino has a 1.5 hour conversation with co-driver of Zoeklicht, Peter van der Weerd. Peter who has also been a pastor for 18 years Upstreama contemporary church for new believers.

Great News and educational if you ever get a conversation about the gospel

From an evangelistic perspective, this is great news. The Blckbx channel, to which many truth seekers (+165000) are currently subscribed, are treated here to a very extensive explanation of the gospel. About hope and salvation what the Lord Jesus has done for you and me. In addition, Peter gives a lot of good answers to questions Flavio asks him, which every believer can learn from if he or she ever gets a conversation about faith. A must see for every believer!

God is moving in the Netherlands! Here's the full YouTube broadcast:

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