Evangelizing Huizen shopping center Oostermeent

Evangelisatie Huizen winkelcentrum Oostermeent

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Evangelizing Huizen shopping center Oostermeent

This time we were proclaiming the good news in Huizen, shopping center Oostermeent. In a group of about 10 people. Many new faces for me. Very nice to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ and a place I hadn't been to evangelize. There is a regular group of evangelists there who go there to evangelize almost every week on Friday afternoon. In this way they build up nice contacts and can strengthen the relationships with the people in the
maintained neighborhood. A number of the evangelists live nearby.
After introducing each other and praying. We spread out over the shopping center in twos or threes.


Oostermeent is a small shopping center, but very pleasant. Among other things, there is a supermarket, a KIPPIE, where I bought a delicious ball sandwich with pirie pirie sauce. There is also a bakery and a butcher and many other nice shops. And according to one of the residents we spoke to, there is a spring roll cart in Shopping Center Oostermeent that sells the best spring rolls. And I tasted it, and I can say with certainty that it was the most delicious spring roll I have ever tasted.
During evangelizing you get hungry and God also provides delicious lunch meals on
the go

Evbangelisatie Huizen

God takes care of us

God takes good care of his children anyway, because we could also get a free cup of coffee or tea when changing pairs/break and use the toilet for free in the community center; Herberg Tolvrij That is very pleasant, because it was a cold afternoon, but a day with satisfaction. I went out with a nice lady and we were able to address a total of 10 people. We were soon approached by 2 nice young ladies who were talking outside on the terrace. They looked at me and smiled. So I hooked up right away and that's how the conversation started.

 She said that they were talking about personal topics. So with an entrance we first asked if it was something she wanted to share with us or maybe we could pray for them. She preferred not to. So we have blessed them with a good conversation together and may it lead to restoration and healing in Jesus name. Further on we met a woman who said she was going to the hairdresser and asked us if she should do a coupe soleil. We encouraged the woman and wished her a blessed day.


A number of people we spoke to stood out. For me it was the Christian man who did Yoga anyway. Yoga is a way of worshiping the idol of Buddhism/Hinduism. Because of the different so-called asanas, these are different movements and meditation poses to open the gates in you
open the body to make contact with the various idols or demons. This is how you bring demons in, into your body. Demons are there to steal, destroy and kill.

Only Jesus brings light and life. He is the Way, the Truth and the life.
Yoga is therefore very dangerous and is seen as sin in the word of God, the Bible. Many do not know what this does to us spiritually and do not know the background to this. Or be lied to that yoga would bring peace, healing or enlightenment. Many only see it as exercise or gym. That is it absolutely not. That is why our Father warns against this very sin, and protects us from it to prevent us from being damaged. And so that we are not hindered in the unique plan and destiny what God has for us.

We have explained this to this man and I hope he sees that this is not God's will for him. We also spoke to a blind or partially sighted man and we suspected that he was also slightly mentally disabled. A very sweet man, but unfortunately quite under demonic influence. Prayer didn't happen either, but we did clearly proclaim the gospel in easy language and repetitions. We always pray for those people immediately after the talks. Everyone needs Jesus, even our brothers and sisters whom we sometimes meet spontaneously on the street. 


Let this blog be an encouragement to you, that all the words we utter will be for the glory of Jesus, that there's an anointing on that to shake loose what isn't of God and separate the wheat from the chaff. The word is like a two-edged sword that can cut everything away and that goes deep to the core. Nothing is too difficult for God. Be blessed, Hallelujah, Amen.

I hope you enjoyed this blog again. If you want to be hoogte informed about evangelism check this website regularly

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