Evangelizing on the street, God is good!

evangelisatie materiaal

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evangelizing on the street

Evangelism start before you leave home if you have some time regularly with a few things! Prayer, of course, because that builts you up. and ot to forget evangelism material such as a few flyers, business cards and often for me also a few new testament bibles. Just before I actually go out on the street and I close the front door behind me, then I also put on the armor from Ephesus 6. This morning I did not have much time, because I got a spontaneous idea just before we got in the car for the church service, which was to be held today in a park. 

Material to evangelize

I got the impression that I had to take the evangelism material with the following text “How can I get to know God” in bright red inviting, conspicuously on the table. After all, you never know, maybe I'll meet someone in the park later. After having heard today's beautiful message while sitting in the sun from our predecessor and also the accompanying invitation from him to do something in the park, I decided together with a brother, with whom I had already walked the street before. went for a walk to hand out the evangelism material in the form of the red sheet of flyers to someone.


Soon we met an old woman who was walking with her dog and the evangelism had actually started. Do you know that you are a pearl in God's hand, ma'am. In God's eyes you are a special person! do you know that? Oh and by the way do you believe in God? She nodded in agreement. Yes, The God of the Bible? And again she nodded Yes. She suggested us to sit on the bench a little further.

Testimony while evangelizing

The old woman testified that she had already had quite a turbulent life. She had become pregnant at the age of 16, gave birth to her prematurely born child, the child unfortunately only lived a few hours and the woman said that she had been a prostitute later. At school she always loved the Bible stories! Only she finds life very tough at the moment after everything she has been through and also now with everything that is happening in the world. She doesn't go to church anymore, because she was once disappointed in it.

Evangelizing to encourage

We told her that we were evangelizing and sharing the love of God and continued the conversation encouraging her and telling her that as long as you stay focused on God you can stay in peace and if we know Jesus may have hope. Then we read with her the bible text from 1 Peter, which the pastor had already read this morning. She was listening attentively. We concluded with her a prayer for strength, hope and blessing. After we pronounced healing on her knee and hip, we gave her the flyer as evangelism material. 

Evangelism material

This time I had the often well-known red books with me as evangelism material. This evangelistic material is often used and can be ordered on the website of Gospel Impact You will also find extra information about evangelism education and other information about evangelism on this site.

 Do you want to stay informed more often about news about evangelism, testimonials, education about evangelism, our Blog following.


evangeliseren op straat

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