Streetpreacher Robbie Smitskamp on Fire!

Robbie Schiltkamp Streetpreacher

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For several years I have regularly followed the American street preacher van Torch of Christ ministries, Phillip Blair, but for some time now you have also seen more and more street preachers take to the streets in the Netherlands to wake people up with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A well-known among the Dutch street preachers is Robbie Smitskamp, ​​a young man born in Emmeloord and living in Urk, who can currently be found a lot in Amsterdam preaching the gospel. Especially in this time it is so important to wake people up and tell them about the living God, Jesus Christ.

“And when my people, the people who belong to me, bow their heads and seek my presence in prayer and break from their evil practices, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal the land.” 

2 Chronicles 7:14

A text from the bible, which, if we look at the present time, provides a simple answer to the many problems our country is currently struggling with. I truly believe that if we as Dutch people converted en masse and all bowed to King Jesus, the problems of our time would be solved in no time.

Robbie is such a preacher who probably feels the same way, in any case he has always held the word about conversion in high regard. He has been preaching a lot lately in the Amsterdam metro and is now doing this full-time. Great such a step of faith to do this full time. Robbie is the preacher par excellence who has the word about Repentance and the Lord Jesus on his tongue.

Funny that he comes from a mixed family just like me and the story about a wild time of booze, drugs & women sounds recognizable to me. From there, the comparisons between us further go wrong; so each one has his own unique testimony about getting to know the living God. Here's a beautiful podcast about his life and his testimony of how he met our Lord Jesus heeft leren kennen!

Like I said, Robbie preaches a lot on the subway. Check it out:

and this latest clip is fresh off the press from Israel, where he is currently on a trip.

God Bless!

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