Miracles of Jesus during Awakening 2022!!!

Enkele Wonderen Die De Heer Deed Tijdens Awakening.

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Miracles of Jesus in this time

Many miracles happened during the big conference last July in Rotterdam. miracles of faith are recorded on video.Below the reaction of a woman who gets up from her wheelchair after prayer. God is good! If you want to see more of Jesus, keep our Blog We will report more often on what King Jesus is doing. because Jesus is still alive!

Miracles of Jesus in this time on Youtube

If you don't have time to wait and immediately get several testimonials to watch here a great on Youtube Youtube of Doug where you will find lots of miracles of king Jesus, where people get healedorden. De God the God of heaven and earth is still reality. The more you search for the truth, the more you will find truth and the truth will set you completely free!


wonderen van Jezus

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